The Early Years

Joseph Timothy Blanchard was born in New Orleans, LA an only child. His mother, a talented trumpet player in the high school band, dated his father while in band class together. Joe’s father was a fantastic rock drummer, however in the mid 80’s was unable to support a family on a drummer’s salary alone. After learning a few chords on keyboards, he was able to make ends meet by playing solo gigs with electronic beats and recorded tracks.



2nd gig ever with dad April 1995

Joe watched his father struggle as a professional musician but knew that it was exactly what he wanted to be. As a child he excelled at the drums like his father, and in 1995 joined his dad’s band. He was home-schooled in 9th grade which allowed him to play late night gigs on drums and spend the day learning how to play his new favorite instrument, the guitar. With only an old acoustic guitar and a beginner's VHS tape, he started a journey that would shape the rest of his life.

The bands

Joe formed a three-piece band (Bad Hair Day) on guitar in 1999 and set out to be a singer/guitarist. They practiced for months, played one show, and quickly disbanded. Shortly thereafter he heard about a popular New Orleans based cover band (Nozmo King) looking for a new guitarist who could sing backups. After a quick audition, Joe was in and recorded one CD with Nozmo ("Ones to Fall").  His plans of being a singer were put on hold as he traveled the Southeastern US as a lead guitarist in multiple bands including Les Marbles, Son of Sam, and 5 Finger Discount


Bad Hair Day reheasal 1999

Nozmo King Panama City, FL 2000

Les Marbles Baton Rouge, LA 2001

After playing in mostly cover bands, Joe joined an original rock band from New Orleans named Adam’s Attic in 2002 to fill the role of lead guitarist. He recorded two CDs (“ the blink of an eye” & “Skylines and City Lights”) and toured nationally and internationally on three AFE tours performing for troops stationed at US military bases in Greenland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Diego Garcia, and Singapore.


With US troops at Peterson Air Force Base Thule, Greenland 2007

Adam's Attic New Orleans, LA 2004

New Orleans, LA 2003

The west coast move

While enjoying relative success in New Orleans with Adam’s Attic, 2005 brought hurricane Katrina and big choices to make. The band decided to leave New Orleans and relocate to Long Beach, CA. With only a couple of months left to finish school, he stayed behind to finish his bachelor's in marketing and decide what to do next. He bought an acoustic guitar and booked a few solo acoustic gigs at the local bar. This would change everything! For the first time he was selecting and singing all the songs at his shows and he loved it. Having never received any type of vocal training it would take years to develop his voice, but he had found the way he would do it. Just a few weeks after graduating college, Joe joined his band mates in California and brought along his girlfriend who would later become his wife. He left Adam's Attic in 2008 but remained in Long Beach, making a living performing solo acoustic shows and developing his craft as a singer/guitarist.

Going solo

In 2013 Joe released his first solo EP entitled “The Bittersweet Road” with 5 original tracks recording all the instruments himself. The next year his marriage ended. He would continue performing for a living and supporting the EP, however the shows were often fueled more by alcohol than passion.


Tracking vocals 2013


Long Beach, CA Summer 2015


Big Bear, CA December 2014

going country

In 2016, Joe caught the attention of a country band from Orange County in need of a singer named Redneck Rodeo. It was not only his first country band, but his first time being asked to front a band as lead vocalist. He welcomed the challenge and soon found himself thrilled with the idea of being a country singer. However 2 years later he was asked to leave due to his wild antics and excessive drinking on stage and returned to performing solo shows.


Costa Mesa, CA 2016


Redneck Rodeo Long Beach, CA 2016

OC Register June 2017


On the bar in Newport Beach, CA August 2017

the future

In 2020, Joe spent the Covid-19 lockdown focused on his career and on how he would return to the stage. The first thing he did was quit drinking and smoking. Now sober, healthy, and more focused than ever, his desire and passion to perform that started his journey is back!  After over 25 years in the music business it’s been a “Bittersweet Road”, but Joe's just getting started! Click here to see where he'll be playing next and stay tuned for new music and new venues!

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